Hi there, I'm Kira Rose

I'm passionate about offering yoga that:

  1. serves every aspect of your human being

  2. normalizes & honors your human experience

  3. is accessible & supportive to a wide variety of humans

  4. affirms the inherent value of all humans

  5. is truly meaningful & supports the quality of your life

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Story Time

Yoga has been part of my life for the whole of my life (I went to "Yoga Sunday School" as a child). For me, it is my path of spirit….and it is my path of body and my path of mind. 


Yoga is that which serves to tenderly hold, soften, fortify, and liberate every part of us. And, it is that which guides us to embody humility, sincerity, and courage as we live and move through our lives.


Step by step. Breath by breath.

I know very intimately the frustration, shame, and despair that are a natural result of experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, illness, pain, isolation, and disordered eating. And, I also know very intimately the incredible beauty, vitality, and resilience that is my body, that is my mind, and that is the very heart of my being.

Up until my mid-twenties...


(prior to beginning more specialized study in Yoga Therapy, Neurobiology, somatic methods of trauma resolution, and Trauma-Informed Yoga)


...I often felt that managing my anxiety would be my life. That a life full of being scared all the time and bearing the consequences of that fear would be my destiny--and a stone-like one.

As a child and as a teen, I felt intensely unsafe in my body and in the world all the time. 

No matter where I was or what I was doing, I carried a heavy sense that I was always in harms way and that there was never a safe space to be or rest in.

I remember the first time I felt the real possibility that I could walk through and experience myself and the world differently. That my destiny could be different. That I could experience something that wasn't saturated with the feeling of striving fearfully to stay alive and that felt more like living. Like being alive.


Yoga gave me this gift.

And to be more fully honest......yoga informed by mental health support, neurobiology, trauma resolution, an understanding of my body and how it moves and functions, and really good community gave me this gift.

And each day, the practice of yoga opens more fully not only the possibility of walking through life differently--with greater presence, belonging, authenticity, and enjoyment--but, an experience of that that deepens daily.

My Priorities

Yoga is that which leaves no part of me behind. And my priority is to offer you the kind of yoga that leaves no part of you behind. And, also, my priority is to offer you the kind of yoga that values and offers grace and acceptance to the body and mind you have now--in all that provides you with ease and in all that challenges you. 

My Creds

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Uni. of New Mexico)

Licensed Massage Therapist (in New Mexico)

700+ Hours of Training in Therapeutic Yoga

50 Hours of Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

20 Hours of Training in Somatic Experiencing

50+ Hours of Training in Yoga Psychology

Master of Science in Mental Health & Wellness

(Current Study)

10+ Years of Volunteer Work with Self-Realization Fellowship